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Danielle (Lippard) Feldman

Danielle (Lippard) Feldman


Danielle has been a lover of horses and a student of fine art all her life, attending various equine-specific art workshops, as well as college classes in the arts. She continues study of the equine in anatomy, biomechanics, conformation, coat color genetics, and breeds through literature and live study, when possible.

Her finishwork continues to evolve through use of different media. Her earliest works were done exclusively in oils with acrylic details. Later experimentation with pastel application is evident in a large body of her work. More recently she has added airbrushed acrylics and a return to oil painting in her repertoire. She finds the greatest enjoyment in the details, bringing the completed model “to life”. Recent, as well as earlier creations, are included in the Finishwork gallery.

Customization of resin and plastic models has also been a significant part of her artistic journey. Visit the Custom gallery for examples, including her 2023 Best Customs Contest winner in the Extreme Custom division, and NAN Auction donation models from the early 2000’s. 

Danielle has dabbled with original sculptures in clay and epoxy, with hopes to expand into offering resin castings. Works in progress from various AAEA workshops are included in the Sculpture gallery.

Danielle’s work has been honored with North American Nationals (NAN) championship titles in Breed, Workmanship, and Performance. Many of these, and other recognitions, are included in the Awards gallery.

Several years ago, Danielle offered in-person pastel workshops. This developed into offering a series of instructional DVDs for the equine artist (now sold out). She continues to chronicle her artistic journey, offering insights and sharing her artistic process on the Feldman Studio Blog.

In addition to enjoying the model horse hobby as an artist, Danielle enjoys performance showing. Visit the Performance gallery for photos of her set-ups from both live and photo shows.

On a personal note, Danielle and her husband, Jonathan, have two children and a cat. They live in Connecticut where Danielle works in Financial Compliance at Yale University.


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