Feldman Studio FAQs

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Do your DVDs focus on painting resin or plastic models?

While the DVDs demonstrate on resin sculptures, the techniques used are identical when working on plastic models. Any differences are mentioned in the DVD. The only main difference is the type of primer and sealer used. See the following explanations.

What kind of primer do you use?

I recommend Rustoleum Sandable Primer or Tamiya Fine White Primer for plastic and resin models. Krylon Sandable Primer can also be used on resins only. I do not use Krylon on plastic models as they often have a chemical reaction that leaves the model tacky. I have not had this problem on resins. Tamiya was developed for miniaturists and it is excellent for retaining detail, especially in mini scale models.

What kind of fixative do you use to seal the paint or pastel?

I use Testors Dullcote on resins and plastics and Krylon matte fixative on resins only. I do not recommend Krylon for use on plastic models. As stated above, the chemical reaction can leave the finish tacky. Dullcote is more expensive, but leaves a nicer matte finish. Krylon matte still has a slight sheen.

Where do you buy your supplies?

Many, including kneaded erasers, can be found at your local hobby shop (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.) in the art department. Some primers, fixatives and the pointed Q-tips can be found at your large retail stores (WalMart, etc.). Other items, specifically pastels, I purchase online (Jerrys Artarama, Dick Blick, etc.). Both Testors Dullcote and Tamiya primer I purchase online from supply websites. Try searching by their name to find the best deals.