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Unfortunately, I no longer accept commissions.

I give permission for the owners of models I created to use photos I have taken for purposes of selling, showing, or sharing their model(s). I do ask that you do not remove the website URL from the photo. If you want to use photos, you must download them onto your own computer. You can do this by right clicking on the image and saving. Thank you. Hot linking (linking photos from this website) is stealing bandwidth and will not be tolerated.

There are many resources for the beginner. Like many artists, I post free tips and articles on my blog. And of course, I recommend my series of instructional DVDs available through my online store.

Prepping is an art form in itself. I have rarely received a prepped piece that I found satisfactory. I have written an in depth article, which was published in RESS' "Technique Book 3" and you are most welcome to read it:

Prepping Instructions in PDF format, 388 KB.

I also created an Instructional DVD on Prepping that covers all the topics you need.

I work primarily in pastel finish work and acrylic hand painting. You can learn more about my techniques in the instructional DVDs.

Finished work may be sold via lottery, auction, or to the first interested party. I post all pieces that I have painted to my yahoo group, as well as to the blog of this website. I occasionally also have miscellaneous items for sale, which are posted to the Model Horse $ales Pages.

I consider each show that requests a donation, though I can not donate to them all. Please send information about your show to be considered.

VARA is the Visual Artists' Rights Act. It gives artists protection for their limited edition art work. Out of respect for other artists, it is important to ask before making any alterations to their work, this includes repair work, customizing resins and adding markings or details to someone else's work. I ask that you please inquire before making alterations, repairs or "improvements" to any piece I have created. Thank you! Read more about VARA at this Harvard Law website.

I received requests to videotape footage of the pastel seminars I taught and realized there is a void of visual instruction for the equine artist. Feldman Studio was the first to offer instructional DVDs for the artist. There are now several titles available, each created to share the techniques and methods I use to create award-winning model horses. They are professionally reproduced and come in amaray cases, just like professional movies. They are available to order directly through the Online Store.

I found it so frustrating when models arrive broken due to poor packing, so I wrote an article for RESS' The Boat and offer it to you here:

Proper Packing Techniques in PDF format, 27 KB

My sales policies are as follows:


  • Unless specified, shipping is not included in the price. (If an item is sold postage paid (ppd), it includes first class or parcel post shipping within the continental US, but does not include postal insurance.)
  • I will ship overseas. Note that I declare full value on all packages, it's the law.
  • Insurance is optional on most items, and is highly recommended. I will not be responsible for what happens once it has been mailed.

  • I accept money orders and Pay Pal. Please specify how you will be making payment when contacting me to hold an item for you.


  • I will consider time payments, with good references, unless specified otherwise. Contact me about terms. Time payments are non-refundable.


  • Items are held for a limited time pending a non-refundable deposit or payment in full. Please do not ask me to hold something if you are not serious about buying. Thank you!


  • Trades are considered only for items on my wish list

All sales are final. Thank you for your consideration.


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This page was last updated on January 15, 2012