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Breyerfest 2004 Danielle Feldman has been a student of fine art most of her life, having attended numerous college classes, and various equine-specific art workshops and seminars. She continues study of the equine in anatomy, biomechanics, conformation, coat color genetics, performance and breed types through literature and live study as possible.

Her earliest work was done exclusively in oils with acrylic details. Some of these early pieces in the portfolio are examples of this technique. However, experimentation with pastel application has been prevalent in her work since that time. Careful application of pastel in numerous layers is built up to get the coat color desired. Markings, eyes, hooves, and other fine details are then meticulousy applied by hand painting. She finds the most enjoyment in detailing a model to completion.

Danielle's work has been honored with National Championship titles, even earning several National Champion Workmanship titles. Be certain to visit the Gallery of Champions to view pictures of these and other award-winning creations.

Danielle has also been priviliged to teach pastel workshops to other artists. The first was held at Great Lakes Congress in 2005 and was fun for both instructor and participants alike. The next workshop was held at Michigan Model Madness later that year. Two of the attendees have gone on to win National Championship titles in workmanship themselves! Congrats to Melissa Hart and Karen Beeson on those special wins.

Customization of resin and plastic models has also played a part in her creations. Scroll through the finish work portfolio pages to see samples of this kind of work. In her opinion, some of her greatest accomplishments in customization work are the pieces she has completed for the NAN Auctions. Detailed descriptions of their creation can be found on their respective pages.

After attending a week long sculpture seminar with renowned equine artist, Gwen Reardon, on a scholarship from the Realistic Equine Sculpture Society, Danielle also developed a love for working on sculptures in clay. The in-progress sculptures created from that workshop can be found on the sculptures page. She hopes to be able to offer fine resin sculptures to the model horse hobby in the future.

Danielle participated in the Realistic Equine Sculpture society, now defunct, serving as the Media Coordinator, Librarian, and for a brief time, the Membership Coordinator. She contributed multiple articles which have been printed in The Boat, as well as in "Techniques Book 3". She also enjoyed the honor of being a juror for the 2006 Finish Work Contest.

On a personal note, Danielle and her husband, Jonathan, have two children, Audrey (pictured above with Mom at Breyerfest in 2004) and Andrew. Pictures of the family can be found here.

And if you still want to know more, you can read interviews about her in

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The Model Horse Magazine, Volume 3

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